Gain formal recognition that your or your organization apply Object oriented Management with the PMAr Certification. In a world plagued with the project pains of delayed timelines, budget overruns and project failure,  the PMAr equips you to successfully deal with the demands of any Project you tackle.


Corporate Training

Are you looking to enhance your trust, credibility, and recognition as an organization?

As a certified Object Oriented Management practitioners you will learn how to model your business processes in a way that addresses the triple constraint of time, budget and scope. With the Corporate PMAr package, you will be able to audit your projects and business processes to ensure they are Object Oriented. This path offers you the ability to conduct an internal review of the efficiency of GOOM implementation in your organization

Professional Training

Are you looking to stand out as a Project Manager?

The Professional PMAr Path sets you apart as a Project manager who applies a time-tested methodology for delivering successful projects. You will learn how to effectively apply Object Oriented Management (GOOM) to any project of any size