Object Oriented Management:
The cure for management pains

Gestion orientée objet® / Object Oriented Management® (GOOM) is the intuitive management approach you’ve been looking for. It can be applied to any project, department or function that requires management.

In short, GOOM is made up of three components which allow managers to breakdown, organize and delegate work efficiently:



Every organization is made up of several things (or objects) to manage.

These objects are scattered unless a link establishes a relationship between them.

All objects are built in a similar way, sharing the same basic building blocks.

This common structure makes it possible to group objects together, allowing them to evolve and communicate with each other.



You can take an organization and give it a spine, in the form of a tree.

The tree represents both a rigid and flexible structure, which makes it possible to organize all of the objects in one centralized place.

The tree thus becomes the heart of all the management of the organization.



The tree, and the objects which make up the tree, must be cared for to grow and evolve.

This is the role of agents. They are the ones who work with, contribute to and share objects with others.

Example: GOOM Meeting Object

In GOOM, all of the information related to objects is centralized.

Meeting objects are used to track and document all information related to organizational meeting. Agents contribute to, and collaborate on, the same object - even before the meeting is scheduled and after the meeting is complete. The meeting object can be found and accessed from the organization’s tree at any time.

The meeting object evolves as it goes through it’s life cycle states:

  • Open: Information about the meeting can be captured even before the meeting is scheduled (e.g. goals, stakeholders, meeting format, budget)

  • Scheduled: Once a date and time is set, guests can be invited to the meeting.

  • Preparation: Guests can then contribute and collaborate on the meeting object by adding agenda items or related documentation.

  • In progress: While the meeting is in progress, additional objects can be created (to be tracked) for decisions made, action items and notes relevant to the meeting.

  • Follow-up: After the meeting is completed, summary documents can be produced for wider distribution.

  • Closed: Even after a meeting object is closed, the information contained in the object can still be accessed and used. Furthermore, a rolled-up cost of the meeting will show.

This is the inside structure of an object, this one is dedicated to meetings

GOOM resolves the following management pains:

  • Information scattering

  • Communication issues

  • Poorly defined objectives and results

  • Delegation difficulties

  • Disconnect between upper management and production

  • Changing priorities

  • Overwhelming emails

  • Underestimating level of effort

  • Lack of engagement / motivation / collaboration

  • Inefficient planning of the resources

  • Too many reports

  • Lack of effective follow-ups

  • Organizations working in silos

  • Micromanagement

  • Inefficient meetings

  • Disconnect between plans and reality

  • Decisions made too early

  • Lack of management continuity

  • Lack of risk management

  • Fear of change

  • Developer syndrome

  • Distortion of project results

  • Weak post-mortem evaluations

  • Organizational inflexibility

  • Balance between chaos and micromanagement

  • Inefficient work culture

  • Information overload

  • Poor quality management

  • Reactive management

GOOM allows for:


One single system for all actors in an organization.


Collaboration on the same, shared objects: with the ability to contribute and modify them, to centralize all relevant information and communications within the object.


All of an organization’s information to be contained in the same system.


A rigid and flexible structure at the same time. A structure where you could give access to or restrict access to any object, or a specific field.


A management approach that made delegration easy, clear and effective.

Aggregate data, costs, communications, statistics of all kinds… in real time.


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