The tool you missed

In 2019, Inteloom is introducing an intuitive, real-time project management tool. The highly-customizable GOOMTool will relieve the pains brought by traditional management methods by allowing users to model their projects using Object Oriented Management.

Some Key features of the GOOMTool

  • Real-time tracking and metrics

  • Centralized communication

  • Structured view of your project and its state

  • Flexible permission control at the object level

  • Highly-customizable interface and more

Hero-What is Goom-min.png

The GOOMTool will provide:

Actual vs Budgeted Time : Stay on track by viewing your time roll-up in real time.


Real-Time Project Data & Reports

  • Track and manage your project in real-time

  • View the health of an object, a branch or an entire project in real-time

  • See a real-time roll-up of budget, assessments and actual time

  • Receive updates, communications, and notifications about your project as changes occur

Centralized Information and Communication

  • Easily access all documentation and communication regarding an object in one place

  • Significantly reduce the reliance on emails and shared documents

  • Work collectively on shared objects, in real-time

Capture all of the information of a project (notes, emails, phone conversations, text messages, etc) in one place to avoid information scattering

A Balance of Structure and Flexibility

  • Break down and organize your project into hierarchical branches, providing a visual structure to your project

  • Delegate branches or objects to other project stakeholders

  • Assign permissions at the object level

Object-level permissions allow for clear delegation

Powerful Resource Management Tool

  • Manage team workloads using drag and drop from a pool of objects

  • Track productivity and output of your team in real-time

  • Track the status of a team’s workload in real-time

  • Avoid micromanagement with clearly defined project roles

The GOOMTool allows managers to oversee and manage the workload of the people delivering the work