About us

Inteloom is a fast-growing project management firm that applies Object Oriented Management ( Gestion Object Orientée Management ®/GOOM) to model businesses and deliver projects.

Our Mission is to empower clients to increase efficiency and pursue excellence. We do this by providing an alternative to inefficient traditional management practices. Our object-based approach dispels the myth that your project has to juggle between cost, time and quality.



Do you need help delivering a project?

Inteloom's core team of consultants averages 12 years of experience, with expertise in the following fields:

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Software Engineering and Development

  • Database Management

  • Data Migrations


The tool you missed

Inteloom is introducing an intuitive, real-time project management tool. The GOOMTool will relieve the pains brought by traditional management by allowing users to model their projects using Object Oriented Management.



“GOOM-INTRO – An Introduction to Object Oriented Management “ is your doorway to Object Oriented Management ( Gestion Object Orientée Management ®/GOOM). In this course, you will tap into the power of GOOM and gain a basic understanding of how it can benefit your daily activity, your organization’s effectiveness, and have a profound impact on the bottom line.



Gain an advantage with formal recognition that your organization operates according to Object Oriented Management (GOOM) principles.

Are you looking to enhance your trust, credibility and recognition as an organization? Our accreditation program equips your company with the ability to tackle any project the object-oriented way.

Our goal is to be right there with you to assist you and to ensure you get the maximum benefit from GOOM.