Do you need help delivering a project?

Our core team of senior consultants averages 12 years of experience per person, with expertise in several fields. We offer both on-site and remote project support.

Our specialties include:

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Software Engineering and Development

  • Database Management

  • Data Migrations

Inteloom has applied Object Oriented Management
to several different industries.

Here are some examples of our recent successes:


Trucking dispatch program

  • Inteloom built a dispatch program for a trucking company

  • The system allows dispatchers to optimize their trip planning and communicate directly with drivers

  • With the new system, the company has been able to increase the amount of loads delivered

  • The system centralizes all of the information regarding loads, trips, trucks and drivers - all the information the company needs in one place

Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec (OPEQ)

  • Inteloom has supported and expanded Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec’s operational system since 2013

  • The management system tracks all of the organization’ inventory from donation to order

  • Inteloom expanded the program to several other provinces and migrated data from several provinces into one shared, centralized database